240 days Lagos rainfall starts March 19 – commissioner

240 Days Lagos Rainfall Starts March 19 – Commissioner
240 Days Lagos Rainfall Starts March 19 – Commissioner

Commissioner for the Water and Environment Resources on Lagos Rainfall

Dr Tunji Bello, is an environmentalist, political scientist, accomplished journalist and lawyer, has advised residents of Lagos State to prepare for presumable effects of 240-270 days rain with the 2020 rainfall foretold to start in March nineteen and end Nov. 22.

Bello made this widely known at a news circuit on the 2020 Seasonal Rainfall Predictions and Prevention of Flooding in Lagos, held at the Ministry’s Conference room on Tuesday.

According to him, it’s essential to inform Lagos residents about the 2020 rainfall prediction by the Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET).

“Seasonal Rainfall Prediction (SRP) is actually to reduce fears of residents and prepare them forward for the probable effects of the rain,” he added.

Bello claimed that rainfall prediction for Lagos in 2020 was a near-normal one, stating that Ikeja was anticipated to have approximately 1,526 millimetres, while Badagry was 1,759 millimetres.

Based on him, Lagos with 1,714 millimetres, Ikorodu with 1,690 millimetres and Epe with 1,730 millimetres.

The commissioner said that before the wet season, a few rainfalls was expected to happen which would be overwhelming as well as are likely to make a false start to the rainy season.

“Lagos Island is actually anticipated to have a rainfall onset date of March nineteen, with an error margin of 3 days, while its cessation date is actually expected to be Nov. 26.

The commissioner added that relevant measures had been set in place in preparation for the 2020 rainy season.


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