5 Reasons Abba Kyari was a Big Deal in Aso Rock

5 Reasons Abba Kyari Was A Big Deal In Aso Rock
5 Reasons Abba Kyari Was A Big Deal In Aso Rock

Many people have been saying on social media that they do not know much about Mallam Abba Kyari. This post will enlighten you on that. The president of Nigeria has lost a very powerful man mallamĀ  Abba Kyari. He reportedly died on Friday, April the 17th from coronavirus.

5 Reasons Abba Kyari Was A Big Deal In Aso Rock
Abba Kyari and Buhari

The 81-year-old chief of staff of the president of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari had in March gone into isolation after testing positive for the virus the news of his death comes after a prolonged silence over his whereabouts since contracting the disease sadly he was laid to rest on Saturday April the 18th at noon. Before we dive in let’s look into 5 reasons why Abba Kyari is a big deal in Nigeria today.

1. Abba Kyari was the chief of staff of the president from 2015-2020

Abba Kyari was regarded as a key member of the kitchen cabinet of the president’s office who make all the important decisions and that makes him a very significant figure, according to the president’s wife he is one of the most influential people in the presidential circle controlling the president, the first lady Aisha Buhari also claims that the president’s uncle mama Jawara is another powerful figure in the circle.

Mallam Abba Kyari is the gatekeeper, so, the president speaks to him regularly if not hourly anyone who wishes to see or talk to the president had to go through him, hence, is death is a massive loss to president Buhari who trusts and relies on his ideas and advice to make crucial decisions in government. Regarding his early life not much is known about Malama Abba Kyari’s early life, he was born in Borno State in 1938 and he’s of Kanuri descent he had his early education in Nigeria before moving to England where he studied at the University of Warwick.

2. Law Degree from Cambridge

He also received a bachelor’s degree in law from Cambridge in 1984 according to the information by Council on Foreign Relations he had generally been in poor health all his life before becoming the chief of staff of the Nigerian president Abba Kyari worked in several reputable firms in Nigeria.

He worked as the editor with the new African Holdings Limited in Fatima in 1988 up until 1990 and served with upon estate executive councils as commissioner for forestry and animal resources. He became secretary to the board of African international bank limited between 1991 to 1995.

3. Former executive director, money service in UBA

Abba Kyari also worked as the executive director, money service in UBA and was later promoted to the managing director and the chief executive of the bank in 2002 he was appointed a director for Unilever Sanjeevaiah plc he also served on the board of Exxon Mobil, betweenthe year 2000 up until 2005 Abba Kyari served as an honorary member of the presidential Advisory Council on investment and finally in August of 2015, he was appointed the chief of staff to President Muhammadu Buhari.

4. Abba Kyari was married to a prominent person

Abba Kyari was married to the sister-in-law of Foreman interior sociologists writer and politician, Ibrahim tahi and the marriage produced four children not so surprisingly his London-based family keeps away from the limelight. The 81 year old was first appointed chief of staff to the president in 2015 when Buhari came to power, was reappointed in 2019 after his principal one day re election he was known as a very prominent and influential member of the government’s administration.

According to reports he has regular hourly contacts with the president’s cabinet. He was perceived as the strongest man in the Buhari presidency however for majority of Nigerians he was the embodiment of whatever the administration represents either good or bad as the president’s closest aides Abba Kyari either rightly or wrongly was blamed for presidents action especially those labeled as bad decision.

5. Abba Kyari accused him of commandeering the government

According to the first lady, Abba Kyari represents the worst of her husband’s administration, she accused him of hijacking the government especially in the first tenor of the administration some of the other controversies that rule the former presidential chief of staff includes: al rifai sucker-punch, the MGM bribery scandal and the Babangida’s money scandal. On the last days of the 24th of March 2020, he tested positive after returning from a trip to Germany.

He reportedly traveled to Germany on March the 7th to meet with officials of Simeon AG in pursuit of the deal recently signed between Nigerian government and the energy company, despite the fact he showed no symptoms, his result however came out positive he is suspected to have contracted the virus during this trip. Abba Kyari’s blood sample was taken when the pandemic went viral he was moved from Abuja to Lagos where he was reportedly receiving treatment in the Lagos hospital no news of his whereabouts, recovery or battle wasmade known to the members of the public until he tragically passed on on April the 17th.

Abba Kyari’s death is believed to be among the 4 new deaths announced by the Nigerian Center for Disease Control. On Friday April the 17th, the Nigerian President issued a statement on Saturday April 18th announcing the demise of the chief of staff to thepresident he has also buried in the afternoon of the same day what are your thoughts about the death of the presidential chief of staff who was classified as one of the most powerful people in Nigeria is it a little suspicious the government announced hisdeath on the same day as his burial?


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