7 most beautiful cities to visit in Nigeria

5 Things Nigeria Does Better Than Other Countries
5 Things Nigeria Does Better Than Other Countries

The richest man in Africa is a citizen of Nigeria, Africa’s economic hub.

Besides Asia, Nigeria is one of Africa’s most populous and developed countries.

5 Things Nigeria Does Better Than Other Countries

The nation has many different cultures , religions and races. Nigeria has many people.

Although Nigeria is the least tourist destination for most foreigners, it has numerous commercial and leisure activities.

Nigeria ‘s lovely cities are blessed, known for various reasons.

Many of these cities are known for their historic traditions that are time-tested and transmitted for generations.

The diversity of people living in Nigeria makes it a historic country, with each tribe having a story associated with their emergence and existence.

The different cities in Nigeria are known for a distinct thing, either for notable cultural display, economic /commercial activities, fun or recreational tourist attraction and the homeliness of people inhabiting the geographical area.

Below are cites that stand out among the 36 states in Nigeria + the federal capital territory FCT .


The capital city of Nigeria where all the decisions are made and the presidential villa located.

Abuja is a very peaceful. organized and beautiful city built on a plan.

The FCT Is one of the most developed, mapped and tranquil state to visit, with great infrastructure, accessible road network.

Most big brands have their head quarter in Abuja, therefore the city has many luxurious hotels /restaurant.

Cost of living in Abuja is high.
There are awesome and notable sight seeing attraction like the amusement park, the Aso rock villa, shopping malls and other fun places for hang out and vacations.


Often regarded as the most populous state in Nigeria, Lagos is a home for all.

Kt houses different classes of people, te Rich, poor and the average.

Despite having so many financial and economic activities, Lagos is a beautiful city with luxurious hotels, beaches, shopping plaza and many other places for picnics or vacation.

The night is always as busy as the day.

Akwa Obom

The promise land never disappoints, an oil producing country.

Akwa Ibom is richly blessed with well structured and spacious road.

Unlike some big cities with the issue of traffic jam.

Akwa Ibom is always stress free with historical sites that are very remarkable, beautiful gate ways, hotels, resort ,restaurant and bar.

The people of Akwaibom are very receptive, warm and friendly folks.


The yearly colorful and historic festival done on the streets of Calabar attracts a great number of visitors to this city.

With amazing tourist site like the obudu cattle ranch, the Tinapa Resort and so many other beautiful resorts and luxurious hotels.

Calabar is the destination choice for most couple either for vacation or for honey moon.

The yearly street party attracts lots of people form different parts of the country.

There are Quality hotels ,resort and relaxation places to accommodate their visitors and most importantly feed them with the famous abi popular Calabar soup.

Ever been to Calabar without tasting the soup??

You will have to go back and lick your damn fingers afterwards.


Referred to as coal city because coal was mined from there so many years ago.

This is a city in the Far East and a wonderful place to reside because of its ambience and good road network.

Some recreational sites like the awhum waterfall, Akwuke beach, Nike lake, resorts and so many others.

Enugu is considered a city that attracts tourist because of all this beautiful sites.

In the east where the night life is not common, Enugu happens to be an exception as visitors and residence alike enjoy the night life.


Having a northern state as one of the beautiful cities in Nigeria can be very surprising due to the level of insecurity in the north.

That not withstanding, Kaduna being very close to the FCT enjoy good road network and infrastructure.

The amalgamation house where Lord Luggard and his personnel stayed during colonization, the popular Zaria wall built during the time of Queen Amina is a tourist site for most people.

Port Harcourt

This list will be incomplete without mentioning the beautiful oil producing city of Port Harcourt.

This city is know for it’s high standards of living but be certain to get quality for every penny.

As an oil producing state it’s home for many multinational corporations and a lot of industrial activities takes place here.

The monument of Jaja, the ifoko beach, Bonny island and many others are fun places to visit when ever you visit this city.

Here you have it, our 8 most beautiful cities in Nigeria.

I know you’ve traveled to most of this cities yourself and will concur with us that they are truly beautiful and fun places to visit.


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