Are You Being The Best Spouse In Covid-19 Isolation?

Are You Being The Best Spouse In Covid-19 Isolation?
Are You Being The Best Spouse In Covid-19 Isolation?
Are You Being The Best Spouse In Covid-19 Isolation?
Are You Being The Best Spouse In COVID-19 Isolation?

This self-isolation season continues for two more weeks in Nigeria, where everybody has to sit at home and I believe that it’s a fantastic opportunity for all of us to make progress in our lives and one of the very good ways we can start is from self-evaluation so I don’t know we’re talking about couples and how husbands and wives can make the most of the season but the quality of an omelette right is rooted in the quality of the eggs that make it.

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So simply put if you’re trying to make a meal of eggs that meal is only going to be as good as the state of the eggs in it so, I think that the very first thing for you start thinking about how do I handle my husband and my wife. I think the first thing is self-evaluation.


Self evaluation In Covid-19 Isolation?
Self-evaluation In COVID-19 Isolation?

So, if you are married one of the things you can do is ask yourself some questions right now, am I being the best wife or have I been the best wife I could be to my husband now that answer could be yes and that could be no, the answer could be maybe or could be I think. So, now don’t forget a self valuation, so you start from that premise reflect and take our time personally to a parliament that’s the word, examine yourself. I might be a great husband might be a great wife that’s the very first thing.

Whatever your answers are, you want to be as honest as you possibly can be. Then ask yourself why have I operated at this level so far the reason this is important is that many people can rush into action, so I can come out here and make my recommendations of actions and Do’s and possibly will do that about the next couple of weeks but for today just take your time and ask yourself honestly in terms of communication.

In terms of bedroom matters, in terms of intimacy, in terms of expressing how I feel be my genuine self to her or him. Am I being the best in terms of supporting the goals that we have, that is, Mutual goals? We have mutual goals. How are we doing in that area so this is very important that’s my number one tip.


Privacy In Covid-19 Isolation?
Privacy In COVID-19 Isolation?

I know that right now some husband’s are so tense like oh my god; my wife is gonna read my chats and my phone is unlocked, by the way, if you have something to hide from your wife regarding privacy, it is most likely because you’ve not been the kind of husband you want to be and vice versa.

If you’re scared your husband will walk in on the conversation maybe you’ve not been as honest, and as transparent and as legit as you should be, so relax and calm down. What does that mean if the marriage is going to work, whatever you are currently hiding needs to be handled, needs to be addressed, needs to be worked through and so, there’s no point being agitated, and movie around the house guarded, you want to be calm.

Natural conversation

Natural conversation In Covid-19 Isolation?
Natural conversation In COVID-19 Isolation?

Beginning to find ways to have a natural conversation. In America, there are a lot of hidden marital challenges and problems under the guise of work, there are many marriages right now that are in total shock because the husband and the wife are at home and they don’t know what to say they forgot how to strike conversations they’ve forgotten how to be human, why because the husband works and the husband doesn’t get back home till maybe 11:00 p.m when the wife is already tired.

It could also be the wife who works all day, and in essence what’s been happening is they’ve had issues or struggles maybe that’s your mind I’m describing and right now that you’re in the same space you don’t even know where to start from for a natural conversation from a place of care, even if you’re angry, you’re upset, you’re nervous, you’re worked up you’re uncertain you don’t know how he’s gonna fall off.

So, try to find out if you can have a natural conversation begin a talk like, hi! hello! what’s going on, how you doing sweetheart. Whatever it is that you do, ensure that it is something that opens up the atmosphere for better communication, so that you can now talk about some more practical things in terms of chores in terms of games and tens of questions in terms of building together in terms of having a routine and a schedule.

This three for me I think they’re very fundamental and foundational and I hope and believe very strongly that you will be able to get much value from this and also improve the quality of your marriage as you apply them.

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