BBNaija: “We are afraid of having sex on national TV” – Tolanibaj, Prince


Tolanibaj and Prince have revealed that they are afraid of having sex during the Big Brother Naija show, cause the programme is aired on national TV.

The pair made this known after Tolanibaj confronted Prince to know why he has been avoiding to sleep in his room.

It can be recalled that yesterday, Prince had given an excuse for why he has been avoiding Tolanibaj’s room of late.

“For every single time [I slept in your room] I always go back to my room to sleep the next day. The funny thing is, I wasn’t even the one that noticed it. People in my room noticed it.

“From day one, I’ve already told you I don’t want to come to that room. If I want to do something I go ahead and do it. If I want to go anywhere I go there and I don’t care about anyone’s opinion”, he told her.

She didn’t buy his excuse, and confronted him further, which made him finally confess that he doesn’t want to have sex on national TV which may be why he has been avoiding her room.

Prince said:;

“I enjoy kisses and cuddles but I am holding back from expressing more because I don’t want us to get to a point where we cannot control our emotions and have s*x on national television.”

She also agreed with his point of reasoning, as the love birds pointed out that it would be best to wait.


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