COVID-19: A message from Ben Akak Foundation to Politicians

Covid-19: A Message From Ben Akak Foundation To Politicians
Covid-19: A Message From Ben Akak Foundation To Politicians

As indicated by Melinda Gates, “Charity isn’t about cash. It’s tied in with utilizing whatever assets you have readily available and applying them to improving the world.”

Covid-19: A Message From Ben Akak Foundation To Politicians
Covid-19: A Message From Ben Akak Foundation To Politicians

The quintessence of the above statement was relevantly shown in Calabar, Cross River State, prior this week by Mr Ben Akak, Executive Director, Ben Akak Foundation, when the Foundation gave palliatives to the Palace of the Obong of Calabar, Edidem Ekpo Okon Abasi-Otu V, and the Nigeria Union of Journalists, NUJ, as help to alleviate the burdens and monetary hardship brought about by the spread of the COVID-19 into Nigeria.

Surely, Akak, the cerebrum behind the Ben Akak Foundation isn’t a cash sack in the conventional feeling of the word, all the more along these lines, having not involved any open office from where a few people have made illegal riches to the disservice of the bigger society.

However, for Akak, who absolutely is an independent man, that isn’t the situation.

What’s more, his profile as a private resident of Nigeria, from Cross River State has been substantiated the individuals who saw his modest start, and adventure into the questionable landscape of private business enterprise a few years back.

However, at this difficult minutes, where individual, corporate and national economies have crashed because of the Coronavirus lockdown, the Ben Akak Foundation, in a show of its helpful way of thinking, despite everything oversaw crushed out water from stone to assist the improvement of humankind.

As broadly advertised, the Ben Akak Foundation gave N500,000 money, and groceries to the royal residence of the Obong of Calabar, Edidem Ekpo Okon Abasi-Otu V, so they can contact the individuals at the grassroots level.

The Foundation additionally made a few gifts incomparable form to the Nigeria Union of Journalists, NUJ, on that day.

Deserving of note is that, while making the gifts, Mr Ben Akak asked the well off and favoured individuals in our quick society to likewise participate in offering some assistance to the less special in the general public in this most difficult minutes for some people and families.

His message is well-suited, and a call to the rich and powerful, particularly the government officials in, and from Cross River State to pull out a piece of the money related assets available to them to help the individuals in this troublesome period.

Individuals from the National Assembly, State House of Assembly, political representatives at the national and state levels, should toe the praiseworthy case of Mr Ben Akak who has indicated that it is the best activity and that it is conceivable to do as such.

Right now is an ideal opportunity for the lawmakers, particularly the chosen delegates of the individuals, and those named instead for their networks to bring out money, staples, clinical offices, drugs and whatever help they can give to help their constituents.

They should not hang tight for political race period so as to begin disseminating rice and money to purchase backing and purchase casts a ballot all together further the advancement of their self-glorification.

The lawmakers should realize that the individuals are checking out their exercises, activities and inactions at this difficult minutes, and would almost certainly take care of each as indicated by each government official due.

For Mr Ben Aka, and individuals from Ben Akak Foundation, your endeavours and backing for the general public are all around refreshing, and would stay permanent in the ways of the world since this demonstration of magnanimity from you is without strings.

Your demonstration of consideration is an apropos catch in the accompanying words as verified by the incredible savant, Buddha in this manner: “Before giving, the psyche of the supplier is glad; while giving, the brain of the provider is made serene; and having given, the psyche of the provider is inspired.”

What’s more, as the maxim goes, “It is more honoured to offer than to get.”

The Ben Akak Foundation is honoured.


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