Current Worth of Cook Island’s 1992 Banknotes

Current Worth Of Cook Island’s 1992 Banknotes

Hello fellow Banknote collectors, This is Ace back with a banknote series again and this week we’re going to have a look at the last series of banknotes issued by the Cook Islands and this is the 1992 series and the first thing you can see is that the strange denomination of a $3 banknote, and I’ve heard reports that you can actually get these at the airport at cook Islands but at the moment there is lockdown at the Cook Islands most likely have not had any COVID-19 infections like a lot of the other Pacific Island.Current Worth Of Cook Island’s 1992 Banknotes

So, let’s keep it that way so when they open up you can go to the airport and see if they actually still have these if you ever visit the Cook Islands and you get these, it is actually quite good because I heard all different islands have their actual series, as you can see it has different islands and the northern group. so we will look on the actual backside of these banknotes maybe this is the actual front.

These are all pretty much the same they’re just different colours as you can see and these correspond to the actual New Zealandbanknotes because in New Zealandbanknotes are legal tender in CookIslands and: the dollar is actually tied to the New Zealand dollar one to one so in that case because it’s tied then the Cook Islands Treasury would actually have to keep an equivalent amount of Cook Islands our New Zealand dollars in the Cook Islands or maybe at the New Zealand reserve bank whichever is more secure on the 50 we have a church with a gathering of people and then is at frl that’s in Rarotonga sois probably the largest in major churches actually in Rarotonga.

Current Worth Of Cook Island’s 1992 Banknotes
Current Worth Of Cook Island’s 1992 Banknotes

It’s probably also the seat of any archbishop or d-major priests that actually presides over all the churches around the actual country and we have some flowers Tahiti God then God Denny Asstso I got in here looks like and then we have some seashells looks like we have some calories some gastropods and a major watermark is actually this feature you choose the actual ship they all have security fridge you can see there and your watermark is actually here.

It is it’s actually a turtle probably a green sea turtle I’m not too sure then we have the signature we have the information in gold and Maori so it’s just a dialect of Maori with probably our people in New Zealand can understand it I’m not too familiar other language and it’s printed by Thomas deal over so it’s actually quite a nice banknote and on the back of the church you can see you get different patterns and if you look at the patterns on the effluent from banknotes you can see that they’re actually different as well.

Current Worth Of Cook Island’s 1992 Banknotes

So, you have these same flowers that’s a gardeniaTauheed en sus which is pretty much the same on or the actual banknotes and then we ever probably coconut palms up here which is pretty standard in all of the pacific region and on the top, you can see nine different patterns at the top with the actual bent nose looks beautiful I love it when they dish these are probably different patterns from any different island groups.

If we look at the other side we have started from the free we have a map of the to add also a turkey and down below have no man no way no makeup this province there we have had people dancing and traditional drums and then we have the blue Laura cake standing on an actual use paint as a pointer standing on a banana plant is a looks like a type of flower I’m not too sure that’s banana flower then we have a coral reef of different fish.

I’m not too familiar with actual fish species then we have another guest replied shell there occurs around the actual shorelines of the CookIslands and you can notice that all these banknotes start with Triple-A so the only serial number of prefixes that I have actually come across and then we have the $10 and this is either a cook island fruit dove looks like a fruit dog to me actually a difficult golden fruit dove and then it’s got rotate Tonga a malted pigeon.Current Worth Of Cook Island’s 1992 Banknotes

I’m not too sure which one it is just like any pictures actually is a cook Island freaked out then we have a type of lizard skin. I’m not so sure then we have some looks like a toilet brush tray then we have set the sitting of Parliament there’s a parliament formula with the ministers or in pace in there speaker and two other officials another flower which I’m unable to identify if anyone knows any information about these animals and plants please leave a comment down below.

Then we have the $20 as you can see it has a type of kingfisher Oh in this corner and they pretty stink if they’re mostly blue in the back I have a sharp beak where they actually catch fish and this is actually called the Ming gayaKingfisher there’s a comes from its probably endemic to this island group and if we look on this side we actually have the actual different islands okay at IU and in Geier section down but so most likely is endemic to this island group it’s pretty separate from the other island groups and then we have an outrigger that’s here with two people, looks like they’re preparing it any shark Hulk men.

Current Worth Of Cook Island’s 1992 Banknotes

Also, this island is here made of ironwood root and then we have a coconut crab and looks quite big looks quite tasty and a pity I don’t really eat crab you knowRarotonga me Rita so it is a for one of these plants not too sure which one itis so one of these plants is actually unnamed which I’ll need to get informational so once again if you have the information about the plants on the actual plant but no please let me know then we have deep once again we have a map with all the islands, and we have different plant and animal species.

So, this looks like a turn we have also women weaving looks like they’re actually weeping hats looks like a hat maybe I’m different could be baskets could be anything yes I’m Fisher occur around the region another excellent never plant bread flowers and actually it looks quite nice here, so how much would these banknotes actually costs well I’m pretty sure these are being demonetised.

Kristine actually get this whole set for roughly probably fifty to eighty dollars which is even less than face value or face value at the moment as far as I know Tom Cook Islands notTonga looking at Tonga death the CookIslands only issues coins they’re pretty different than the actual New Zealandcoins an issue from ten cents to five dollars.

so with these banknotes per weeknight in circulation probably since they’re meant to thousands and I mean you see land banknotes actually circulate but if anyone has actually been to the Cook Islands Deanna I would actually like some more information because it’s pretty hard to get by.

Also, I hope you like this banknote series there is an earlier series that was issued beforehand and that is the1987 series by then and here goes the free $20, not the $50 so anyway. I hope you enjoy this review of Cook Islandsbanknotes and their varies and what is actually on the actual banknote and if you go to eBay leave a link down below and it’s probably the cheapest place actually get these banknotes I generally don’t have a problem with eBay myself. If you find something under 50bucksthen it’s definitely good to get here it’s over probably 80 then I personally wouldn’t buy it because that price is pretty much over voice really any way I’d say thank you very much. Bye!


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