Exclusive: Why I spent 10 years in 4 universities to get my BSC – Comedian Mr Macaroni

Exclusive: Why I Spent 10 Years In 4 Universities To Get My Bsc – Comedian Mr Macaroni
Exclusive: Why I Spent 10 Years In 4 Universities To Get My Bsc – Comedian Mr Macaroni


– Popular Instagram comedian Mr Macaroni was recently a visitor on Legit TV

– The rave of the momenr opened up about the career of his and the reason it took so long for him to bag a faculty degree – Mr Macaroni also describe what inspired his much loved sugar daddy character Sensational social media comedian Adedayo Adebowale David popularly known by so many as Mr Macaroni was recently a guest on Legit TV as well as the comic act had a great deal to share about the career progression of his in the teeming online comedy industry, and the controversy surrounding his faculty degree.

Speaking with Legit TV presenter Abisola Alawode about precisely how he crossed over into the entertainment scene from the proactive pupil leader that many people knew him as, the young man made it very clear that the personalities of his as an entertainer are completely different.

According to him, Adebowale Adedayo the actor, differs from Mr Macaroni the comedian.
He clarified that the personality of his as an entertainer affords him the chance to be whoever he wants to, nonetheless, it doesn’t rub off on his real time character like a dependable and highly principled individual that doesn’t joke with integrity.

On exactly why he paid a lot of years in a bid to get a faculty degree, Mr Macaroni disclosed it’d a great deal to do with the kind of his person. He clarified he’s a non conformist that believes in challenging the status quo, and this eventually affected him in school due to all 4 universities he attended, he was constantly at the cutting edge of leading protests.

Mr Macaroni also disclosed he studied law in the very first faculty of his but changed the program of his to theatre arts as he crossed over to various other facilities due to the skill of his for acting.

Talking on what inspired his much and hilarious loved sugar daddy character, the social media sensation observed it’d a great deal to do with aged males that have created a lifestyle of preying on young ladies and attempting to get in bed with them.


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