12-year-old Ghanaian becomes youngest girl in Europe Lost to COVID-19

12-year-old Ghanaian Becomes Youngest Girl In Europe Lost To Covid-19
12-year-old Ghanaian Becomes Youngest Girl In Europe Lost To Covid-19
12-year-old Ghanaian Becomes Youngest Girl In Europe Lost To Covid-19
Breaking: 12-year-old Ghanaian Becomes Youngest Girl In Europe Lost To COVID-19

A 12-year-old Ghanaian native based in Belgium has reportedly died of the coronavirus

A 12-year-old Ghanaian was lost to coronavirus after she was sent home from the hospital in Belgium, in the continent of Europe. The sun company in the UK also reported that the 12-year-old girl’s demise was linked with coronavirus. She was reportedly directed home by the doctor who thought she was holding an allergic attack.

The girl had fever and doctors gave her medication to deal with this, and a General practitioner told her mom the coronavirus “seemed out from the question” because of a possible basis, but her problem worsened after the girl got home to the point of which, she was having difficulties to breathe.

The girl’s mother, a Ghanaian, phoned for an ambulance, but a new language barrier indicated that the operator was not been able to tell exactly what she wanted.
The call ended without an ambulance getting dispatched, and dispatchers were unable to reconnect with the mother after 3 attempts to phone her back. Emergency employees also tried to call but were still unable to tell what exactly the mother was asking for.

Police were sent to the address but by then a friend had taken the family to a hospital, where she was afterwards pronounced dead. The 12-year-old has recently been reported as typically the youngest person to have died by the virus in The European countries.

Meanwhile, it had been reported that Ghana’s coronavirus confirmed situations have shot upwards to 204. The particular Ghana Health Services says the 9 additional cases have been all recorded inside Accra. Ghana’s situation previously stood at 195.

A Ghanaian also designed a reusable 3D printed face mask, and an automatic hand-washing tap


Ghanaian computer programmer, Joshua Opoku Agyemang, has produced reusable 3D imprinted face mask along with replaceable and recyclable filters. An earlier report featured a great programmed hand-washing cleansing designed by the genius to aid the fight in opposition to COVID-19 in Bekwai, ghana.

Joshua Opoku Agyemang’s innovations to support the state’s effort for the avoidance and treatment actions against the dissemination of the COVID-19. This latest innovation comes amid the outbreak in the novel coronavirus as well as rise around nations of the world. Countries which include Ghana have outlined guidelines to stem the spread from the dreaded disease which include advocating regular hands washing with detergent under running water and the utilization of an ideal face mask.


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