Jesus Tok: Kanye West to collaborate with TikTok for Christian version


Rapper and US Presidential candidate, Kanye West is planning to collaborate with TikTok for a Christian version of the app, Jesus Tok.

The 43-year-old born again rapper revealed this in recent tweets he shared on his official Twitter page yesterday, August 17.

He took to Twitter to reveal that he had a vision while watching TikTok with his 7-year-old daughter, North.

According to him, while watching some contents with his daughter, he realized that some contents aren’t healthy for the underaged especially kids.

His experience with his daughter has now made him consider partnering with owners of TikTok for a Christian version – “Jesus Tok” which would have “monitored content”.

The billionaire rapper noted that as a Christian father, a lot of the content on the app disturbed him as he was scrolling through it with his 7-year-old daughter, North.

However, he noted he loved the technology behind the app.

Kanye West revealed that the Christian monitored version would be ‘safe for young children and the world in Jesus name Amen’.

TiK Tok is currently enmeshed in a tussle with the US government over allegation it shares data collected from US users with China. It is facing possible ban from the country.


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