My Caviar Adventures

My Caviar Adventures
My Caviar Adventures in London

Tropenhaus in Frutigen Caviar Adventures My Caviar Adventures

Sustainability is that the USP at this spot in Switzerland’s Bernese Oberland, where sturgeon are raised for Oona caviar. Engineers have harnessed the natural warmth of water from melting snow and rain to grow tropical plants and to farm fish here.

At the verdant Tropenhaus Frutigen Restaurant, encompassed – marginally strangely, this being high inside Alps – by banana palms, papaya trees and warm pools where the sturgeon loll, a four-course caviar menu (SFr189, about £148) highlights the flickering dark eggs served three different ways.

You’ll likewise purchase to travel, additionally as from the online website – No 103 Traditional is about £59 for 30g, however, I like better to get myself Les Petits Plaisirs au Caviar (about £12.95) on location, which incorporates a little 5g bit of Oona presented with hot buttered toast; with a delicate bubbled egg; with warm waxy potatoes and flaxseed oil; or with Swedish crispbread and a rich nectar mustard sauce (about £14.50 each).

Expect a superb explosion of iodised, mineral, nutty notes, a wonderfully balanced salty lick and long, long flavour. Oona Swiss Caviar, Tropenhaus Frutigen, Tropenhausweg 1, 3714 Frutigen (672 1144; SUE STYLE

My Caviar Adventures
This US website sells 16 sustainably farmed kinds of salt-cured fish eggs, sourced from the waters of Denmark, Belgium and Israel, also as Southern US states like Louisiana and Kentucky. This results in an honest and democratic range of pricing, from $13 to $195 for 30g. The site’s standouts include the black, buttery beads of Siberian Gold ($152 for 30g) and thus the rich and nutty Ossetra Galilee Prime ($128 for 30g).

The lesser-known American caviars run the gamut from the Alaskan Ikura Salmon ($18 for 57g), with its firm texture and bold flavour, to wild-caught Hackleback ($46 for 30g) – aka shovelnose sturgeon – sourced from the cold lake waters of Illinois and Kentucky. For connoisseurs, Khavyar’s American White Sturgeon ($57 for 30g), with its big, beautiful, metallic-grey pearls, is as close as you will get within the US to the Russian Ossetra. CHRISTINA OHLY EVANS

Restaurateur Andrei Dellos’ Chekhovian-style dacha-cum-café, bar and coffee bar could likewise be a warming Parisian break overflowing with caviar close by consoling cocoa , champagne and tasteful pâtisserie. A throughout the day menu starts with morning meals incorporating fried eggs with “salmon eggs” (€14).

Lunch and dinner dishes include Baéri and L’Osciètre caviar served with blinis or potatoes (€82-€430), while a dizzying collection of desserts and ice creams are worth crossing town for. 64 Boulevard Haussmann, 75009 Paris (4282 4331; MARGARET KEMP

My Caviar Adventures
My Caviar Adventures in Paris

In Paris’s Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Boutary is “dedicated to a clientele who need a neo-caviar experience and who are keen to possess fun with these shiny black sturgeon’s eggs,” describes its president, Charles de Saint Vincent. On the menu is freshly prepared Baéri; a classy signature red (mixed exclusively by Ateliers Robert Gohard); and better of all, a matured Ossetra, with hints of walnuts and cream – an intriguingly subtle flavour. the thought for this boutique/bar-restaurant grew from a clever Private Members’ Access, a pre-order bespoke service of Premier Cru Collection caviars (from about €800).

“The caviar comes from the four kinds of sturgeon raised on our farms within the Aquitaine region and also from our mountain-lake farm in Bulgaria,” says de Saint Vincent. “The sturgeons are raised for seven to 10 years – 16 to 18 for our belugas – and only two per cent of their eggs meet the stringent criteria of our sélection de France, harvested at the peak of their maturity so on supply the simplest of caviars.” 25 Rue Mazarine, 75006 Paris ( MARGARET KEMP

The first place that springs to mind once I consider these glistening spheres is Prunier, on Avenue Hugo . This splendid art movement building is right for the consumption of caviar, a neighborhood that a rather chic mermaid might choose for lunch. The caviar in question is additionally French, farmed in Aquitaine. i’m especially keen on the James brand (€119 for 30g ): pleasantly yielding in texture, not too salty, and with a lingering, savoury finish. Restaurant Prunier, 16 Avenue Hugo , 75116 Paris (4417 3585; BILL KNOTT

This organic-sturgeon farm may be a powerful operation located at the foot of the Sierra Nevada, and which sells its caviar within the united kingdom under the Riofrío brand (£59 for 30g). The 19th-century Palacio de los Patos, now a five-star Hospes hotel, offers two- or three-night packages with a chance to travel to Riofrío’s farm and have a tasting in situ , while its restaurant menu is additionally biased towards caviar aficionados.

On my visit, several Michelin-starred Spanish chefs were demonstrating dishes featuring Riofrío’s eggs in various guises – though often the only accessory caviar really needs could also be a mother-of-pearl spoon. I made a fascinating revelation, in any case: Riofrío’s caviar really goes happy well with a glass of dry sherry. Hospes Palacio de los Patos, Solarillo de Gracia, 18002 Granada (+3495-535 790; BILL KNOTT

My Caviar Adventures
My Caviar Adventures in London

In London, the caviar lover can do no better than head to Bellamy’s, on Bruton Place, which is housed during a building that was, until 14 years ago, Caviar Kaspia. The tradition survives at Bellamy’s bar , where you’ll order either the Aquitaine variety (£89 for 50g) or the pricier (but magnificent) Osietra (£105 for 50g). Bellamy’s, 18 Bruton Place, London W1 (020-7491 2727; BILL KNOTT

This delicious American white sturgeon variety (from $100 for 30g) is out there online – and it arrives just 24 hours after clicking to buy for. I wont to be initially tempted by the sleek, minimalist packaging: each little vial is presented during a classic Monterey pine box (complete with a mother-of-pearl spoon) – a sharp plan that saves the rich goodness inside new for 72 hours in the wake of opening.

It’s monetarily developed in northern California and made using the eggs of 1 sturgeon for each tin – and as opposed to some Russian and European caviars, there is no borax added substance, which I feel adds to the new, clean flavour. CHRISTINA OHLY EVANS

Produced using the eggs of cultivated Russian sturgeon (from £45 for 30g), this mind-boggling, smooth, nutty flavour could likewise be a counterpart for the main wild Osetra. it’s eminent close by solidified vodka, however, you’d perhaps wish to test it with chilled champagne, on warm blinis with somewhat soured cream: in contrast to most cultivated caviar, it is a clean, not very salty taste, with the exemplary Osietra trace of ready camembert. it is likewise very 25 per cent less expensive than the wild proportionate.


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