My first vacation/ Holiday

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Dubai Trip : 6 Best Hotels In Dubai

I remembered my first trip out of my village recently. It helped me to enjoy every time I traveled and shared moments plus places I visited during each trip by writing a travel blog.visit insightvacations com myinsight

I was living in my home town early in my life before we moved to Lagos, a Metropolitan City.
My teacher immediately told me to finish my exam papers, I was excited and really happy, because the exam comes to an end, there will be a long holiday and because I will be taking my first trip away from my home town. I was very happy.

I packed all my luggage weeks in advance, made enquiries and kept money concealed to prevent tales that would make me sit back more than a day following exams.

Early as 5:30am I and my mum hurried to the junction were the bus that is to convey us to Onitsha would pass.

At Onitsha I bought my ticket for the bus to Lagos and I was given number 2

I wondered why so many people were traveling at the same time.

“where are all this people even going to “ I thought aloud.

I found myself sitting right next to the driver and a plump man at the other side..

Since it was my first time boarding an air conditioned bus, it seems as though the air within is choking as all the windows were closed.

The smell of the diesel seem to fill inside of the bus and that made me almost throw up.

Thanks to the driver who occasionally opened the windows for me to have a breathe of fresh air.

The driver made sure I stay woke by maintaining conversations with me both interesting and boring ones.

The only fun thing about this front seat is that I get to have a clear view of all the landscape, people and every happenings apart from the occasional scare I get whenever the driver swerves sharply from a car.

I was blown away by so many modernized structures and the flyovers and bridges I saw.

Who the hell makes cars run on top of a flyover, it seems like a miracle to me and almost very strange as well.

I wondered why it took me so look to leave my small village.

After about 7-8 hours we arrived at the park in Lagos.

Despite the fact that it was late, the whole city was still bubbling with people.

Where I came from by 7pm you will hardly see anyone outside.

Here shops were still open and people still filled the street, what a new world I found myself in.

The journey came to an end when I got to my aunts house at about 10:30pm.

The kids were wide awake watching the television.

A thing of wonder to me. I settled in and from the next day I became a Lagos babe.

Visiting fun places were the top most of my itinerary and I made sure I asked questions.

We went to the beach, myself aunt, kids and friends family.

It was an unforgettable experience, I saw the waves so high and a mighty ocean.

Couldn’t get close because I was scared of drowning, imagine a ‘fish’ like me scared of water.

I watched people from afar go in and out of the beach.

I visited shoprite and saw a movie in the cinema, over a large screen in a freezing enclosed dark room.

Thanks for my uncles jacket, I almost froze.

My stay in Lagos was quite memorable, it happened to be my best holiday from when I was a kid.

It widened my insight and perspective and that has made me see things beyond my present environment.

My first vacation birthed my constant urge to travel and experience new things and learn about the unity in our diversity.

One important lesson I learnt is that I will never get a number 2 seat for me when am travelling.

What was your first travel like?

Can you still recall it?

What are the fun and bitter part, we want you to have a good read and afterwards tell us about your first travel.


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