OCD Issues

Ocd Issues
Ocd Issues

Ocd Issues

My issue might seem irrelevant but it’s affecting me. I am currently staying with my boyfriend and it’s been amazing and fun. My issue here Is I have OCD and I feel it is affecting or will affect my relationship in the long run. My boyfriend is not really organized and I am the kind of person that arranges my clothes according to their colours, keeps everything neat and organized.

I literally feel the hairs on my neck rise if the house is mildly scattered. Fortunately, I am used to doing things by myself cos I feel everyone won’t do it as perfect as I want. Joro won’t, my boyfriend, think I am trying to prove I am wife material or probably he thinks I am mentally unstable.

I am trying to be scattered but my body won’t calm down until I arrange it well or am I just paranoid. PS: Don’t ask me to go home cos home is more than 24 hrs away and getting an apartment here is really difficult and we are both new to this place.

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My girlfriend is cheating on me with her boss and she broke up with me

Ocd Issues

Joro how are you I can’t believe am writing to you I swear didn’t see this coming please hide my ID cos most of my friends are here
Okay have been dating her now for 9 months now and it feels like we more than that am high joro I can make some mistake in my words joro I still love her okay let me explain
“We started dating and she works but I work from home so am always online am a cryptocurrency trader but my GF is a teacher I liked it at least she’s not just sitting down doing nothing. Now, she was like her boss asked her out and all I was like why will he mix pleasure wit work, okay my GF is his PA and also a teacher and an accountant.

Okay normally teachers close by highest 6 pm but my GF stays till like 8:30 pm if I ask her she says they are doing meeting just the both of them only I didn’t say anything 000 joro she once told me that her boss said his wife doesn’t give him enough bedroom pleasure, please how can you and your boss be talking about bedroom matter, huh okay I didn’t talk I love her and want the future with her.

January my GF called me around 8 that her boss tries to rape her, I was what okay let me call my military to connect to go pick him up but she said No. I am like why she said she doesn’t want any case, I said we won’t make a drama in ya workplace we would just take him to barrack and there we would let him know what’s up.

She said No I accepted, now recently I was scammed and it is like am starting life 0 afresh again Lockdown came in too, now am just here been like 5 months since I saw my GF last and the lockdown also contributed to it too okay my GF made me follow up, in fact, she has my IG password and she was the one who followed you now am on IG every guy I click on my GF is following this guy and also liking all their pictures okay.

Joro this is a gal on her B-Day we fought she said I shouldn’t post about her at all I accept I didn’t post here I didn’t comment on her post or like them, why cos I love her so much so now am on ig seeing her liking every guy looking good I asked her she said that she returning the favour of them following her joro she liked from beginning to end of those guys pictures I said babe if you like their pictures they will slide ya dm she said yes.

I said so now you reply dm she said small like this is someone who doesn’t reply dm 000 I swear I asked her why are you now replying dm she said its cos of lockdown am like am always online so how come you are bored? I was bringing up the topic to talk about Joro this times she’s on ig she doesn’t have my time again no text or so we sha had arguments on about ig guys now I told her if she lied about the ig she’s could be lying about her boss joro this qal broke up with me immediately, this is someone I already introduced to my mom and some member of my family.

I show her off a lot joro am high now cos I don’t know how my life will be without her I love her so much and we have picture ourselves together in future joro is she really dating her boss? why did she break up with me I don’t take alcohol but am doing that now, and that’s why am able to text you joro.

I still love her so much she’s always on ya blog nkem, I still love you so much but why will you break up with me because I said you might be sleeping with ya boss, cos why would you be talking about bedroom matters and why did you refuse to push a case when he tried or raped you cos I don’t know which to think.


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