Opportunity Knocks but Once

Opportunity Knocks But Once
Opportunity Knocks But Once

Have you ever been offered something and then later discovered you should have accepted the offer and have to ask for it tactfully or use your dictatorship skills to obtain it? This was the story about Skelewu ‘s dad.

Opportunity Knocks But Once
Opportunity Knocks But Once

Tuesday last week. Skelewu was scheduled to fly home but she couldn’t leave her place until very late in the evening due to unavoidable circumstances. She was very shocked when her dad kept calling her out to find out how far from home she was. After all, when she was on these journeys, her dad was not one to be overly worried.

She came home very late so she waited till morning to find out why her dad was on her case the whole evening from her mum. Her mum chuckled heartily and explained what had happened.

Mum: Daddy, what would you like to have for dinner?

Dad: I want to have semovita.

Mum: All right, I’m going to make it for you.

Dad: No no, I’m going to wait till Skelewu comes back. She is doing better than you are. Thirty minutes later, Skelewu is still not home.

Mum: Can I make this semo now for you? It’s getting late and I think there’s still traffic holding Skelewu down.

Dad: I’ll still wait for Skelewu.

Mum: Okay o. Suit yourself.

Two hours had gone by and still, there was no sign of Skelewu. This time it was the turn of dad to find mum, as he could not resist the hunger pangs again.

Dad: Shey somebody’s not going to eat this evening in this house?

Mum: I thought you were saying that you’re going to wait for Skelewu to come back na?

Dad: Yeah, you ‘re not going to give me food for that again?

Mum: Wait for Skelewu o please, because I am tired and ready to go to bed.

Dad: Not even knowing how to treat someone. Oya, please na, I called Skelewu, and she’s still very far away. I’m very hungry and I can’t wait any longer.

Mum finally made meals for my dad, but I’m sure my dad won’t take those chances with his meals next time. Hehehehe—


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