Plateau bride collapses as groom walks out during wedding

Plateau Bride Collapses As Groom Walks Out During Wedding
Plateau Bride Collapses As Groom Walks Out During Wedding
Plateau bride collapses as groom walks out during wedding
Plateau bridge collapses

Friends, family members and well-wishers, who gathered in a church at Jos for the marriage between Judith and Mr Rufus Aplang, were on Saturday thrown into confusion as the groom arrived and never walked outside to his spouse. Eyewitnesses told our correspondent at Jos that the incident happened in God’s Glory Ministry.

According to them, Aplang rushed out of the church when it was time to take the matrimonial vows. Among those guests, Mrs Charity Bulus told our reporter that issue began when the officiating pastor requested the groom if he would take Judith as his lawfully wedded spouse. Narrating the incident, Bulus stated, “It began as a drama. The pastor, asked in front of the altar the groom, Aplang if he’d take Judith as his wife for better or worse. He replied with a no.

“The pastor put the same question to him and he responded,’Pastor, I learned that you clearly and understand English very well and my answer remains no’.”Afterwards, the pastor said, but you’re well dressed and dressed prepared with this wedding,’ and he replied, “Sorry, I made up my mind 10 years ago to disgrace her on our wedding day’.”When he said that, he walked out of the church and has been followed by his very best man and his friends, who drove from the church premises immediately.

“The bride, who had been shocked by the action of the groom, fainted inside the church and was taken to a hospital around the Plateau State Polytechnic in Jos.”The groom’s best man, who identified himself explained the episode as incredible He explained, “Aplang is my childhood friend; Judith has been a friend and sister also and he dated her for over 12 decades.

“I was in the church to serve as the best man and also to testify their marriage, but I was startled and profoundly sad with what occurred in the church on Saturday.”Sani, who attributed his buddy’s behaviour included that the action of Aplang was not ordinary. He added, “This isn’t normal; Aplang will always confide in me any issue; if he had the plan to walk out to the bride, he would have told me. I came out of the church crying profusely because the whole thing is odd.”


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