South Africa enforces 21-day lockdown to curb coronavirus

South Africa Enforces 21-day Lockdown To Curb Coronavirus
South Africa Enforces 21-day Lockdown To Curb Coronavirus
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South Africa imposes 21-day lockdown to curb coronavirus

South Africa forces 21-day lockdown to control coronavirus

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa on Monday declared a national lockdown to contain the spread of this lethal new coronavirus that has affected over 400 individuals and ordered the military to enforce the ban. There has been a six-fold increase in the number Of confirmed in cases in South Africa, the amount has increased in just eight days from 61 to 402.”This number will continue to rise,” cautioned Ramaphosa, including “the upcoming few days are crucial”.He said that without definitive action the numbers will apparently continue to climb and “rapid growth in infections will extend our wellbeing services behind that which we can manage and several people won’t be able to access the care they need”.

This would be “extremely dangerous for a population like ours, using a high number of individuals with suppressed immunity because of HIV and TB, and elevated levels of poverty and malnutrition,” he added. To ensure the stay-at-home limitation is adhered to, Ramaphosa announced that the military will guard the streets.”I’ve so directed the South African National security Force is deploying to support the South African Police Service in making sure that the measures we are stating are executed,” he explained.


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