The life-changing things MC Oluomo accomplished for his late mother in 2013

The Life-changing Things Mc Oluomo Accomplished For His Late Mother In 2013
The Life-changing Things Mc Oluomo Accomplished For His Late Mother In 2013
The Life-changing Things Mc Oluomo Accomplished For His Late Mother In 2013
Mc Oluomo’s mother passes on

The life-changing things MC Oluomo accomplished for his late mother in 2013

For the individuals who are all around Lagos, it is no longer news that the Lagos State Chairman of National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW), Alhaji Musiliu Ayinde Akinsanya prevalently known as MC Oluomo has translated. He lost his cherished mum to the hands of death toward the beginning of the day of Thursday, 30th April 2020, and the octogenarian was resolved to mother earth later same day at an entombment administration went to by not very many relatives in accordance with the regulation of the State Government regarding social distancing and lockdown not having an excess of 20 individuals including the Officiating Clerics for the sake of the rampaging COVID-19 pandemic tormenting the nation.

The Life-changing Things Mc Oluomo Accomplished For His Late Mother In 2013
Mc Oluomo and mum

All things considered, MC Oluomo mum, Alhaja Sinatu Abebi Omotooro Akinsanya, may have travelled every which way, however glancing back at the sort of life she had the finesse of living, in any event, towards the later piece of her life, it tends to be securely said that the lady additionally called “Iya Agege” came, saw and conquered as a mother. In the event that much was not seen by the individuals from general society, she delighted in her kids during her lifetime, what befell her in 2013, which was seen by one and all is a testimony to the way that she should have kicked the bucket a satisfied and upbeat mother.

In 2013, Iya Agege timed the age of 80. Furthermore, adequate for her, one of her youngsters, if not all, MC Olumo was at that point doing fine as a positioning individual from the Lagos State NURTW. Aside from previously controlling, as the Chairman, all the engine stops in Oshodi, he was likewise the State Treasurer of the Union around then. What’s more, considering the sort of money that accompanies the position he involved in the union, he was at that point a super socialite that individuals from all works of like would savour to be in their gathering in view of the matchless fabulousness that went with him anyplace he decided to go.

In the mean time, as a socialite with contacts over all areas of the general public from legislative issues, to business, to diversion and media, MC Oluomo in conjunction with his different kin, 2 more established ones: Kibitiu Adunni and Yahaya, and one more youthful one, Muibi, chose to assemble an all the rage 80th Birthday Party for their mum. Since there was money to toss around on whatever would make the occasion charming, they set the ball moving with their Ankara Aso-Ebi being circulated to each huge name in the general public that should have been at the gathering. Particularly, from Lagos State where political juggernaut, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is a back up parent to MC Oluomo.

Considering the sort of group they were expecting, the Akinsanyas picked the Blue Roof Event Center, LTV 8, Agidingbi, Ikeja, as the scene for their owambe party. The setting could sit up to 2000 visitors conveniently. Furthermore, hang tight for this. Something very fascinating occurred for MC Oluomo and his mum that year also. 2013 was the year an appearing misconception occurred after a long while, between the King of Fuji and now Mayegun of Yoruba Land, Alhaji Wasiu Ayinde Anifowoshe Marshal otherwise called K1 and Fuji music star, Alhaji Wasiu Alabi Odetola famously known as Pasuma, the Oga Nla of Fuji. Prior to at that point, Pasuma had been marching himself for quite a long time as Otunba K1 (the Right Hand Man, or Chief, to the King of Fuji, which resembles number 2 in positioning from K1) yet out of nowhere, he dropped that title to embrace the new title of Oga Nla of Fuji.

Henceforth, as a result of that unexpected difference in title by Pasuma, it was clear things had gone amiss among him and his up to this point dearest pioneer, K1. However, they denied what individuals hinted that more likely than not occurred which verged on K1 making out with Pasuma’s girl, Wasilat, yet what they couldn’t generally deny was the way that the two of them had an issue, as they, obviously, continued dodging each other since Pasuma became Oga Nla of Fuji. In any case, in honor of MC Oluomo’s mum’s 80th Birthday Party, a ceasefire was out of the blue expedited among K1 and Pasuma with both given signicant tasks to carry out at the gathering. Furthermore, what were the jobs?

K1 was reserved as the principle artiste of the day, while Pasuma was given the responsibility of being the Master of Ceremonies (MC), and it is extremely unlikely the artiste on the bandstand and the MC would not relate at some random occasion. In this way, the two of them covered their ax for the good of MC Oluomo. However, Pasuma was combined with a famous artist and occasion compere, Madam Koffo, to facilitate the release of his responsibility since Madam Koffo is a professional occasion have. Another intriguing thing that the large society party saw was the participation of the gathering by the then State Chairman of the NURTW, Alhaji Tajudeen Agbede who had not been in acceptable terms with MC Oluomo because of intensity tussle that included them 2 preceding Agbede later rose as the NURTW Chairman.

Be that as it may, the most elevated purpose of the occasion was the enormous shock MC Oluomo arranged for his mum at the gathering. What’s more, what was that? Left outside the scene was a multimillionaire fresh out of the box new Range Rover Sports which was striking, one of the intriguing vehicles stylish at that point, and MC Oluomo welcomed a portion of the personalities at the occasion to help him in introducing the wonder on wheels to his dearest mum as birthday present. Expectedly, the matured lady couldn’t conceal her delight at the manner in which she was eating her reward for all the hard work. It was one motion from MC Oluomo to his mum which was lauded by most pundits around then. It was one extraordinary sort of honour most kids would need to do their folks, yet relatively few, for the most part, have that elegance.

Quick forward to 2020, 7 years after, and Iya Agege has passed on, yet who might state she didn’t carry on with a satisfied life? Furthermore, it is deserving of mention that God excessively was benevolent to her as she was spared the agony of grieving her open figure son before she kicked the bucket, considering the poisoned blade assault that MC Oluomo marvellously endure mid-2019. Maybe, she may have gone before now out of the agony that more likely than not occasioned the disaster, in the event that the unforeseen had occurred, at that point to MC Oluomo. All said and done, may MC Oluomo’s mum find happiness in the hereafter.


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